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Smart tax planning is not just about claiming all of the deductions and credits you are entitled to so that you can receive a larger refund.  It involves thinking outside of the box to legally lower your tax burden throughout the year.

We will help you align your financial goals with efficient tax planning so that you feel confident about your tax situation.

Tax Planning & Preparation

  • Individual, Corporate, Partnership & Trust Income Tax Returns
  • Advanced Tax Planning Strategies
  • State & Local Taxes: multi-state & multi-city taxation, sales & use tax, nexus determination, property taxes, etc.
  • Estate & Gift Tax Planning
  • Tax Notice Review & Resolution

Please check the appropriate box and answer the following questions as they pertain to your Individual or Corporate Tax Planning & Preparation needs:

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Individual Tax Planning
Do you have your tax return prepared professionally?
Do you talk with your preparer during the year or just at tax preparation time?
Do you think that you have any areas that you could use additional advice? What areas?
Do you have planning considerations related to deferred compensation, incentive or restricted stock options or executive compensation matters?
What other areas related to your tax returns do you have questions?health insurance plans? Education planning/credits? Retirement distribution planning?
Are you affected by AMT?
Corporate Tax Planning
Are you making the best use of your existing ownership structure to lower taxes?
Have you considered changes to your existing C Corp, S Corp, LLC or proprietorship in light of the tax law changes?
Have you explored ways to lower taxes by shifting income to other family members?
Are you aware of how tax law changes affect your situation?
Are you taking advantage of available tax breaks?
Are you meeting your goals and getting the advice you need in relation to tax planning, accumulating wealth and financially smart moves for your business?